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At what age can the puppy go to it's new home? 
If you are choosing to have your puppy delivered to you they can not be shipped until they are eight (8) weeks of age.
Do the puppies have any type of training prior to being sent to their new home? 
Yes. I start training as soon as they start walking. Teaching them with a gently affirming presence. Since most dogs are typically toy motivated I have several small puppy toys I use to support positive behavior. I frequently use toys and treats that promote animal enrichment. I also start the formal house breaking and crate training process. The puppies are taken outside on a strict schedule. A copy of my daily schedule will be provided to you to help them settle in with your family. They are also introduced to basic commands like sit, kennel, off, and come.
Can we choose a different name for the puppy?  
Yes, the name on the website is for reference purposes only. You are welcome to choose any name you would like for your puppy. In almost all cases the puppy will never hear the name that is on the website.
Are you affiliated with any clubs or associations?



Yes, I belong to several clubs and organizations. I am active with Pet Therapy of the Ozarks and visit nursing homes, schools, and hospitals for therapy visits with my dogs. I'm also an active member with the Springfield Missouri Dog Training Club.
Are your dogs registered? If so with what registry?
Yes, all of my dogs are registered with the AKC and all of my puppies will come with AKC registration papers.
This is an important question to ask, BE SPECIFIC. I have talked with a lot of dog breeders throughout the years and they will say "yes they are registered" but they will fail to tell you whom they are registered with, or that the puppy's can be registered. Make sure you get a firm answer. You may even want to ask for the sire and dams AKC numbers to verify registration, along with what your puppy's AKC number is. I feel it is important to be registered with the AKC.
Their are a lot of "impostor" registries out there that offer to register dogs even if the dogs lack proof of pure breeding. Be wary of dogs registered with one of these unknown organizations. (No matter how highfalutin the registry's name sounds.) Some breeders will use the excuse that the AKC costs too much money. I don't see how $20 to register an entire litter of puppies is a lot of money???
The real reason people don't register with the AKC is because if you have more than 5 breeding adults you could be subject to inspection. They also make you follow ethical breeding practices and have your males DNA tested to PROVE they are purebred dogs!
What guarantees do you offer with your puppies? 
I have ensured that appropriate health certifications have been performed to check for serious hereditary health defects. I also provide routine preventative health care and regular examinations by a licensed Veterinarian. I have developed an enrichment program for my dogs and puppies, which meet nutritional and dietary requirements. For this reason I am able to offer up to a two year written health guarantee with confidence for the newest member of your family. Please see the guarantee section of the website for detailed information.  
Where can you ship and how much does it cost?  
I can arrange transportation via airline to most major airports in North America and some international destinations. Please see the Shipping / Delivery section of the website for detailed information.  
How does the process work?  
The first step is making sure one of my puppies is right for you. Every family is looking for different personality traits. For example; will they be good with kids, other pets, or even specialty traits for obedience or service dog work. Please contact me to discuss any particular trait you would be looking for. If you decide that one of my puppies is right for your family we would start by placing a deposit. This deposit would secure your puppy of choice for your family. After placing the deposit we go to work setting up travel arrangements or planning a date for pick up. I can arrange flights to most major airports. If flying the balance is due 2 days before the flight. If picking up locally we can take care of everything when you come to pick them up.
If I am unable to keep the puppy what is your policy?
I realize sometimes that circumstances change. You may be forced to move into an area that isn't pet friendly. You or your family may decide that taking care of a puppy really isn't something they want to do after all. Health or allergy may prevent you from giving proper care or attention to your puppy. At any time during your puppies lifetime I will always welcome it back, regardless of the reason or age, no questions asked. I want to make sure all of my puppies stay happy and are well cared for. If you ever have to give up your puppy please contact me before giving it away to a stranger or releasing it to a shelter/adoption facility. If you return the puppy for any reason, it will be on a surrender basis only with no refund or credit. I have a NO QUESTIONS ASKED SURRENDER POLICY.
What do I need to welcome home my new puppy?
Getting a new puppy is very exciting! Whether this decision was a long time in the planning, or she just "happened", you can both look forward to a lifetime of adventure and companionship. To help you get started there are a few basic supplies you will need to have on hand to welcome your new arrival. Click here for more information.

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